Silicone Seals

Silicone rubber has many unique properties and can be used for various applications. It has a good resistance to UV thanks to which it retains its color and elasticity even in strong sunshine. 

RK Weatherproof Silicone Seal is a highly durable, permanently elastic, high quality, O-profile seal for weatherproofing windows and doors. The seal is installed with acetoxy silicone and its lifetime is 15 to 20 years, depending on conditions and use. Silicone Seal is available in two different diameters: 

6 mm for 1-5 mm gaps (white & brown)

8 mm diameter for 1-7 mm gaps (white & brown)

Below instructions are for silicone seals which are installed with acetoxy silicone sealant. For self-adhesive silicone seals, please see the section Self-adhesive Seals




Compare the old seal to the new and make sure the new seal is a fit with your windows. If needed, remove the old seal and clean the frames. Avoid installation in temperatures under +5C. Choose the profile based on the size of the gap. Measure the gap (inner and outer frames separately) with e.g. blue tack. Press the blue tack to the frame, close the window/door, open and measure the blue tack. Choose a seal that's 2-3 mm thicker than the flattened blue tack. 

1. Remove old seal

Sometimes seals are loose and sometimes they've been stapled to the frames. Before installing a new seal make sure to remove all the old seals and staples.

2. Compare

If the previous profile has worked well, we recommend you choose the same profile.

3. Clean

You should clean the surface before installation. Use water and neutral cleaning substance.

4. Advice on installation

You should install the seal from up down. Cut the seal in each corner - do not bend! The seal is installed with silicone.

5. Install sealant

6. Install seal

Cut the nozzle of the silicone cartridge and install on frames.