Multi-use Seal

RK Multiuse Seal is a black, extremely multipurpose and self-adhesive protection and sealing strip. It can be installed on nearly all surfaces. RK Multiuse Seal is easy to install and waterproof. Excellent resistance to various weather conditions. Long lasting, non-freezing and non-condensing.

Extremely multipurpose

  • protecting your car in a garage
  • dampening tremors (household appliances, boating and caravans)
  • dampening noise from gates, doors and hatches
  • protecting pipes and hoses
  • protecting tools and furniture from bumps and abrasions


Clean the surface with RK Acetone or similar. Cut a piece of the seal to the correct length. Remove the covering. Avoid touching the adhesive surface. Install the seal to the surface. Avoid installation in temperatures under +5 °C.


width: 15 mm
thickness: 5 mm
length: 6,5 m