Garage Seal

The Garage Seal is made out of solid rubber and it can take a lot of mechanical strain. It can be installed in four different ways, depending on the model of the door and how it opens. The Garage Seal is best for older garage doors. It's suitable for fold doors and double doors with hinges. It can also be installed so that it drags on the ground, when needed. 

The Garage Seal is installed with the nails that are included in the package. The seal can also be installed with contact adhesive for a longer lasting installation, especially when dragging on the ground. There are four ways to install the seal so you can easily find a way that's works with your door. 

Technical information

Manufactured out of solid EPDM rubber, which is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and UV-rays. Color: black. 


Width: 30 mm 
Height: 3 mm